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Bermuda is Swizzlin' Country and Our Exciting Breakfast Menu is here!


Fabulous News! BOTH locations now serving Breakfast every Saturday and Sunday from 10am until 3pm!

Weekend Breakfast

10 am – 3 pm 


 Pub Breakfast $17.25

2 eggs any style, grilled tomato, baked beans, toast,

Cumberland sausage, sauté mushrooms, home fries and bacon. Good Nosh!


Fluffy Omelet $10.75

Fluffy 3 egg omelets add your choice of fillings 1$ each:

Bacon, cheese, ham, onions, peppers, chorizo

or tomato with a pile of home fries and toast on the side.


Red Velvet Pancakes $11.50

A stack of yummy red velvet pancakes with a sweet cream cheese topping and fresh blueberry garnish.


Brekkie on a Croissant $12.75

2 eggs, crispy bacon and cheddar on a buttery croissant

Home fries too!


Bermy Benedict $17

2 over easy eggs atop homemade Codfish cakes topped with grilled bananas and Hollandaise sauce and home fries on the side.






Upcoming Events

Newport Bermuda Ocean Yacht race

June 17: Its the 50th Thrash to the Onion Patch! Yachts leave Newport RI on June 17th...and can be here as early as mid-day on the 19th. We anticipate lots of sailors and their familes and friends to be on island for a week full of fabulous fun and lots of rum drinking! We'll have a limited edition T-Shirt to mark the historic 50th early :)

Cup Match 2016!

July 28: Cup Match, a public holiday unique to the island of Bermuda, is a time in which the community enjoys a two day celebration of camping, boating, swimming and most importantly cricket! We will be CLOSED on the Thursday the 28th and OPEN at both locations on Friday the 29th. No time of the year is more festive and fun filled than this island wide 4 day bash! If you are in the can tell who we root for! if not...check out this link for all the Cup Match history and details:


September 22: Swizzle Baileys Bay is host to Bermuda's most authentic Oktoberfest celebration. We offer the real deal without a doubt...Complete with Bavarian beer (direct from Munich)! authentically decorated beer tent, extensive German menu and lots of music! We suggest reservations during this's always a busy one! 441-293-1854 ext3 to book. It is never too early :)


Random Swizzle

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