Swizzle Inn’s SuperHero Chefs!

Ever heard the expression hotter n stink??? It’s a Bermudian thing for sure.

Well last week we had 1 of our 2 very important kitchen extractor fans die.

Temps in the kitchen were about 125…oh so hot. Our team that day, Executive Chef Johnny Simoes, Chef De Partie Arief Rachman, Chef de Partie Alfredo Martins, and Intern Chef Edwin Caco somehow kept their cools and put out over 300 lunches in just a few hours. I was on the pass about 15 feet away from the grills and was lucky enough to nip out to the oh so nicely air conditioned dining rooms when I needed to because I began to feel faint from the heat. The kitchen team just kept pushing on and fed the masses. Smiles all around amazed me…maybe it was when I told them they could all be naked chefs that they cracked up! Honestly at one point as the new fan motor was being installed and we had no fans at all, I thought sure they would all flop out… but no… through the blue haze of smoke from the char-grill, and the additional heat…now hot as Hades! They kept the food coming and never disappointed a hungry Swizzler. Not ONE complaint the entire time from our guys in the kitchen…somehow they got through it without melting.

Kudos of the largest kind to all of them!

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