Swizzle Staff

Swizzle Inn and The Swizzle South Shore are extremely fortunate to have the dedicated, loyal and hard-working staff that we do. Ideally, we would like to recognize them all individually for the significant talents they bring to our   team, however in keeping with our tradition, the quarterly awards remain the route we take. We’d like to shine the spotlight on the awardees for the 2010 year .

Oktoberfest Emma!

1st Quarter- Emma Stickland-

We were very pleased to recognize Emma for her excellent work as a waitress in Baileys Bay. She has a bubbly, bright personality and a smile to match. Always willing to go the extra mile with our guests, as well as her colleagues, Emma is a true gem. Her assistance with training new hires became invaluable, offering the best insight for those just learnig the ropes. She has a great sense of humor and was always cracking us up! Sadly, for us, and happily for Emma, she and husband Peter have returned to the UK to prepare for the birth of their first child. We wish her all the very best!

Arief and his awesome smile!

2nd Quarter–Arief Rachman
Arief arrived in April of this year, in the middle of the Volcanic Ash airline mess. He stepped off the BA flight here in Bermuda to find that his luggage was among the millions of bags lost in the shuffle of flights…never to have it returned. With literally just the clothes on his back we brought him to the Inn and with a few shirts from the Swagger Out Shop, and help from his same size colleagues, we managed to outfit him to work…..and work he did. Always a smile on his face, he immersed himself in learning his way around our kitchen and menu. Rapidly he became a valued part of the kitchen team, and has worked many extra hours, keeping that same smile always evident. His skill and talent are impressive, and we couldn’t be happier to have him on board!

  3rd Quarter- Roderick Caco

Derick, our kitchen porter at South Shore, is one of the most loyal, dedicated and energetic workers we have ever had. He joined our team in 2008. He knows the ins and outs of the job, and tirelessly works extra shifts and hours when needed. He keeps a spotless kitchen, from walls, to ceiling to equipment. He has energy that doesn’t quit, and his smile is contagious to those around him. Everyone enjoys working with Derick! He is an enthusiastic photographer, and loves to sing and dance.


Ebony is our “Star”tender at South Shore Swizzle. She wows ‘em with her mixology magic day after day, smile after smile. Ebony joined us in Baileys Bay almost 7 years ago, as a waitress. She quickly displayed her interest and aptitude for working behind our very busy bar. Her cheery disposition and bright smiles made the regulars very happy guests and brought new regulars in quickly. She moved towards the western part of the island a few years ago and so we placed her behind the bar at South Shore Swizzle…..a great move for all of us! She continues to be a dedicated, hard working young lady. She exemplifies what true Bermudian hospitality is all about. So much so that she was honored (as were we!) to be selected as part of a panel to encourage young Bermudians to enter the hospitality industry and was asked to offer her wisdom and guidance. “Ebs” as we call her is the proud mother of Dante, enjoys her family time, and shares the sounds of her beautiful voice both at work and play. CONGRATULATIONS EBONY….WELL DONE DARLIN’!

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