The Swizzle Inn Traveler’s Club

We are excited to announce the launch of The Swizzle Inn Traveler’s Club. What is the Swizzle Inn Traveler’s Club, you ask? It is an online gallery of photos, uploaded by Swizzle Inn fans and ploted on a Google Map.¬†Our goal is to collect pictures from as many locations as possible, so get your Swizzle gear and your cameras and start shooting!

Participation is easy – upload your photos right here on our website. For more info, read this short description of the Traveler’s Club.

Don’t got nothing to wear? Check out the Swagger Out Gift Shop for hats, t-shirts, and other Swizzle gear.

Happy trails!

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  1. Harvey & Pepi says:

    Hi from near Boston

    Our pictures are on an iPad now.

    Is ther an email address that can send pictures directly to you?

    We miss being at the Swizzle !
    Regards to all.

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