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2017 Entertainment

 Lots happening at BOTH Swizzles this season!

SOUTH SHORE line up is:

Mondays- Shine Hayward on Saxophone 8pm


Wednesdays- Wayne Davis Keyboard


Friday- Shine Hayward Saxophone

Saturday- Wayne Davis Keyboard

Sunday- Pancho Steel Pan 1-5 pm

Sunday- Wayne Davis Keyboard 6-10 pm


BAILEYS BAY line-up is:

Mon, Wed & Thurs- Pancho Steel Pan NOON-3pm

Wednesday- Robert Symons Tropicana Steel Pan 7-10pm

Thursdays- Trivia Quiz 8pm hosted by Mike Bishop- $5 per head

** reservations suggested!

Friday- Pancho Steel Pan 6-9pm

Friday-Spence on acoustic guitar 9-1130pm